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At Crescent Yamaha we know motorcycling is more a way of life than a mode of transport and we want everyone to enjoy the freedom of the road safely and confidently. So we’ve partnered with Fatboy Motorcycle Training to tailor training to your needs, opening up possibilities for riders of all levels.


Whether you’re an absolute beginner, you want to step up your licence, or just want a refresher course, thanks to our partnership with Fatboy Motorcycle training we can offer you a winning combination of approved Yamaha instructors and learning on the latest Yamaha bikes.


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  • Get advice on the course before you purchase
  • Approved School of Motorcycling from the world’s No.1 largest motorcycle brand
  • High levels of customer satisfaction
  • No hidden fees or extras (initial test fees, insurance and fuel included)
  • Learn more about the Yamaha range while learning on a new Honda motorcycle
Call us now on 01202 820170 to find out more.


Course Duration Price
CBT: 1 day £125
  2 day £230
  One-to-one £210
A2/DAS: 3 day £555
  4 day £710
  5 day £860
Progressive Upgrade: 2 day £390
  3 day £540
MOD1: 1 day test £125
  2 day £315
  3 day £525
MOD2: 1 day test £170
  2 day £375
  3 day £525
Transition: (Minimum of 3 hours) £35
Bespoke: (Minimum of 3 hours) £35
Return to Riding: Half day £110
  Full day £195

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